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In doing research for all of my 30 Career Management tips, I’ve had the privilege of reading some really good work by others helping solidify my thinking on career management while causing a kaleidoscope of new ideas for this blog.

My research on “30 Career Management Tips — Network through change” had me cross paths with Barbara Savani over at careersolvers, a blog that I subscribe to for the insightful writing.

Barbara wrote two blog posts on ways to boost your network when you’ve put your work life on hold. In it, she describes ten very effective ways to maintain your networking while taking time off from work. I had never considered this particular viewpoint for networking and these two articles really popped some ideas into my head for career management and maintaining your personal brand.

From solid recommendations to access alumni organizations, to using the same networking principles on the playground with kids in tow, Barbara has some well thought out recommendations for networking while your work life is on hold.

Check out the articles here:

As Barbara noted in the comments:

Since the number of women who leave the work force temporarily to take care of their children full-time is on the rise, I think it’s important to advocate for these women and give them some tips for keeping their network strong while they are raising their children.

Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

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