30 Career Management Tips — Network through change

By Scot Herrick | Business Networking

Sep 18

This month, I’m providing a career management tip-a-day (along with other posts) to help you trigger your own career management activities.

Today’s tip: Network through change.

As we go through our lives, we have changes. We graduate from school, work full time, perhaps marry, change jobs or careers, take time off for school or kids, rejoin the workforce, get laid off, start a different career, retire, go back to work part time, and then retire again.

Whatever the order, people will confront changes throughout their lives. Yet, if we are to be focused on career management and living our personal brand, we need to continually build, maintain, and thrive in our network.

Networking through all of the changes in our lives benefits ourselves and our network in many ways:

  • Maintain diverse contacts. As our network and ourselves go through change, people will evolve into many different areas. This diversity helps all of us in our network in that it exposes us to opportunities in many different areas.
  • Support from people at the same stage we are in our lives. With continuous networking (which I define as helping others and staying in contact) and you are starting a new position, so is someone else in your network. If someone is contemplating time off to raise children, someone else is considering the same thing. By networking through change, we are able to find — or provide — the right support to the right people at the right time.
  • Help with finding new work. Networking through change means you have a better opportunity to find work through your network. Whether a new position is the result of a career move, a layoff, or returning to the workforce, having continuously networked means a better shot at the work you want.

This doesn’t mean you need to network every day or have a five-point plan for networking. It does mean that you need to consistently network and not pull back from networking because change is happening in your life.

All to often we go through changes and we hunker down, become less sociable, help others less, and go hide in our cubicle caves. Yet, this is the exact time when we should be active in our network helping others, providing support, and getting some in return.

By networking through change, we help make our transitions easier, faster, and taking us in the direction we would like to pursue.

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