Getting Paid to Learn a New Skill

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Sep 17

Some days, it’s tough to go to work. We have to do hard things that we don’t necessary like doing and we have to get through them in order to move forward. Whether it is something we don’t like to do or simply a hard task to complete, getting these items done and out of the way is an important way to improve our skills.

As Presh notes over on Employee Evolution, you are at least getting paid for learning a new skill. That can provide some relief for what is hard and difficult for you because of a change in attitude: “Liking the Tasks You Hate and Learning While Getting Paid.”

Presh provides five methods of gathering general skills while earning a paycheck and I’ll just send you over the site to read them and the reasoning why.

But the point is this: having an attitude of learning a new skill while getting paid to learn is a good way to look at the work we do. Whether it is something we are not good at and learning how to get us to competency on the skill or learning more about what we are good at doing, we’re being paid to learn.

Sometimes, we forget that we are being rewarded for learning.

  • Scot, thanks for the link. It is easy to forget someone is paying you, especially if you are stuck in a cubicle late at night.

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