30 Career Management Tips — Provide Personal Communication

By Scot Herrick | Business Networking

Sep 07

This month, I’m providing a career management tip-a-day (along with other posts) to help you trigger your own career management activities.

Today’s tip: Provide personal communication.

There’s e-mail, instant messenger, Twitter, Blackberry’s, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and snail mail. What do they all have in common? Not talking with the person on the other end of the communication. Not seeing the other person face-to-face.

And, as Charles H Green notes in Trust Matters:

The problem with trust is—at heart it’s an analogue function in a world of digital suitors.

Put too many degrees of separation between you and another, and trust falls down. The decay rate of trust from my LinkedIn friend to my friend’s friend is huge.

I’ve always considered myself an “analog guy in a digital world.” I like talking with people, whether face-to-face or on the phone. Digital communications separates us from the very real human interaction that builds relationships and trust with other people.

And while Charles’ article on “The Credit Crisis and Trust Networks” is about how the mortgage crisis is built on the lack of trust between all the parties buying and selling mortgages, the communications points of the article ring true in this age of the faceless communication tools of electrons floating through the Internet:

Trust doesn’t travel well digitally. A song loses no data when it’s digitally copied—but digital replication of trust loses heart. A “trust network” based solely on transactions is a network devoid of all but the narrowest version of trust—a track record with no memory of what it is supposed to be tracking.

Manage your career: talk with other people.

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