Workgroup Dynamics — Reviewing your projects

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Sep 04

Do your staff meetings drive you crazy? You know, the ones with your peers where you go into a room and learn about the next great corporate thing, figure out where you are for the department finances, and chatter about how to align with the corporate goals?

Important things, of course. But does that really help you in your job?

Suggest a new category for discussion: review of current projects. Each person gets three minutes to discuss their top two projects and the next actions they are taking on the projects to complete them. And if your manager is smart, add at least 15-minutes to the time to handle the discussion that will ensue.

Sounds like a boring thing to do, but some great things will start happening from the discussion — after about a month of doing it so people know it’s real:

  • Peers will realize they need to prepare to speak at the meeting and sound intelligent about what they are working on for the group.
  • Peers will start asking questions about “why” something is being done that way — or being done at all. Your best way of doing things in your group will start to evolve from those questions.
  • Peers will start saying that “I’ve already done that” and ask why you are doing it too. Duplication of effort will end up being reduced.
  • Peers will start to understand what you are really working on — and the value you bring to the group.

While sounding simple, the project discussions are a great way to develop team dynamics in the right way.