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There are things running around the blogosphere called “memes” and most of them are simply ways bloggers use to increase traffic. Take a cool subject and wrap it up in differentiating title and then tag other people to write about it. Like an electronic chain letter, so to speak.

When I get tagged by other bloggers to write about the meme subjects, I rarely participate because they fail this basic test: they don’t apply to the subject I write about here on Cube Rules: career management for cubicle warriors.

However, it is a good thing to know a little bit about the person behind the electrons and when tagged for the “8 Random Facts” meme by Travis over at Disorganizational Behavior, I thought this would be a good thing to write about, even though I’ve taken almost two weeks to get around to it. It’s hard to write eight random things about me when it’s me doing the writing about me…

Here are the 8 not-so-random facts and why I selected them as being part of the subject of this blog:

1. I took 13th place in the nation in Original Oratory participating in high school forensics. I also participated in debate; it was this early work that inspired me doing research, learning new subjects, and presenting to people — kind of like this blog.

2. My first paying job was cleaning out the 300, 500, and 900 gallon bread dough tanks at the local Bunny Bread factory. It taught me discipline, tolerance for others, and an appreciation of the work done by everyone.

3. I am a ham radio operator with the callsign of K9JY. I maintain the K9JY Ham Radio Blog as well. Since ham radio is international in nature, it taught me that the globe is a very small place very early on in my life. Today’s globalization of work is no surprise because of this.

4. I’m into strategy. I love looking at the chaos of the situation, working with creative people on how to address the chaos, and then transforming that into an operational structure that makes sense.

5. I am analytical. The world is grey and I recognize that there are few straightforward answers to anything. Consequently, I look at many sides of an issue and embrace others opinions. When you see an opinion on this blog, it’s perfectly OK to question that in the comments with your reasoning. I learn from you by doing so.

6. I travel. I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bermuda, England, Ireland, France, Spain, and Italy. It is easy to see how globalization can take place.

7. I combine ideas into something better. For most people, “it’s like apples and oranges” is meant to describe two things that are different. Well, to me they are not. Apples and oranges are similar because they are both fruit. I automatically find shared characteristics between two things. For me, better to say “it’s like apples and hubcaps.” Now there’s a saying that describes two different things.

8. I’m a foodie. Not that it has anything to do with being a cubicle warrior unless you use food shows to write about career management with “Jag Crashes and Burns on the Next Food Network Star” or “Dealing with the jerk on the team.” You never know where inspiration for career management can come from, do you?

Travis, thanks for the tag. Hopefully, this will give you all a little look behind the blog.

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