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When you think of networking, what do you think you should be doing? Many think of handing out business cards, meeting and greeting others, or doing a convention thing.

But, really, networking is all about helping people by doing something for them yourself or putting them in touch with someone who can help them.

Jason Alba, of JibberJobber.com, shared his three unconventional networking tips on Freakin’ Cool Networking Opportunities he’s used in the last several months.

But the important one is quite conventional — and not used enough. That is, most of the time the person you are helping needs to speak to someone that you don’t personally know. You know it’s the right person based upon their role in the company, but you’ve never spoken to the person.

Yet helping the person you know, you have the opportunity to work with the person you don’t know.

And the person you don’t know can become another link in the wonderful web of networking.

Yes, you are helping someone in your network. But you are also helping yourself by expanding your own network.

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