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Over at Get Fresh Minds, Katie Konrath won a “You Get It” award from Jason Alba of Jibber Jobber. The cool thing about the award is that Jason is giving six months of premium service to — a GREAT deal — to one of the people who comment on the post “Your challenge…if you chose to accept it.”

And it’s an interesting post to comment on as Katie is all about creativity. The challenge? Take a random word that she provides you in the blog and take that word to describe in the comments “fresh ways to improve cars.”

Well, I don’t know anything about cars, save driving them. But I took the challenge — and got “onion” as my random word. Then I went and described how we should build cars so that if they are in an accident they will damage in layers so as to reduce the impact of the crash and protect the core — the passengers. “Peeling away the layers of an onion” so to speak.

Here’s the deal:

I am already a premium — lifetime — subscriber to Jibber Jobber. That’s why I think this is a great prize to win for someone. But if I win, I have no use for it.

What I’ll do is if I win, I’ll turn the prize over to a randomly selected new subscriber to this blog.

Since I screwed up and forgot to change my subscription service to match up with my new hosting company, I figure the least I could do if I win is to reward those who come directly to this blog.

So, subscribe in a feed reader or via e-mail clicking in the “Subscribe to Cube Rules” box there on the upper right AND send me an e-mail via the “Contact Scot” form to let me know you’ve subscribed. (I will do nothing else with your e-mail…I hate spam…).

Then — if I win — I’ll select a winner from the list. Regardless, if you subscribe and send me an e-mail, I’ll let you know the result.

Katie is only having the contest for a week and will pick a winner on August 6th — so hurry on over and pop in your idea.

Jibber Jobber is a great career tool set, not just something to use in finding a job. So try out how to improve a car over at get Fresh Minds or subscribe here in case I win to get this great service.

Oh…and JibberJobber has a free service as well that gives you some great benefits as well. You can sign up at

  • Scot Herrick says:

    Yes, I opened up your article and there it was. Fists raised in the air, much pounding of chest, and lot’s of “I told you” to my wife. Whoda thunk??

    Ahhh, what a little chance happening will do for one’s attitude!

  • Scot, I almost died laughing when your name came out of that hat! And I had nothing to do with it. I had a friend do the drawing.

    Seems that this JibberJobber subscription is fated to just bounce around the blogosphere for a while!

  • Scot Herrick says:

    It is kind of fun, isn’t it? Giving away a prize that I might win instead of something that I did?

    But, I did want to participate in your contest as it got my “speed writing” gene into gear. Take a random word and say how you could improve a car.

    It’s like you have five minutes to complete a story that starts with “On the day Scot decided to start a new life…”

    Besides, Jibber Jobber rocks and if I was fortunate to win it, wanted to be able to do something with it that made sense.

  • Hi Scot, thanks for spreading the word about my contest! I liked what you did with your random word–building a car with more layers would probably help reduce the impact of an accident. Smart thinking.

    I also love your audacity in giving away a prize you haven’t won yet! šŸ˜‰ Better be careful… one of your readers might steal it away from you!

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