Negotiating the Offer

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Jul 31

When pursuing an new position, it’s great to get an offer. The time you’ve spent so far is to get to the position of having an offer presented to you by your prospective employer or new manager.

But, it’s not over yet.

Once an offer is presented, there is, in fact, a whole set of things to consider and work out before saying yes. And while it might make sense to ‘just say yes,’ now is the time to put the brakes on for a little bit and consider the offer. It may be that now your negotiating skills come into play — for salary, for transition time, or for a host of other things based upon the offer and your circumstances.

Over at Jobs in the Money, Jon Jacobs offers up five key ingredients to successfully negotiating your job offer.

Besides the five mentioned, I would also add: do a gut-check.

There are lots of reasons to accept a position, but the position has to feel right to you. Now is a time where you really need to understand your emotions about the offer in front of you.

If you are jumping up and down for joy, consider the five suggestions for negotiating your new offer.

If you have reservations about the position, consider whether you should be taking the position at all.

Taking a new position will be tough, challenging, and learning all over again. Having reservations about the position, the company, the manager or the work group will make that transition even tougher.

So negotiate the offer if needed — but do a gut-check.