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In this series on writing performance reviews, we’ve looked at understanding your review document and how to develop and understand your goals that will form the basis of your performance review. When do we get to writing the review, Scot? Not yet. You see, your objective is to make the review as brainless (read: good) as possible for your manager.

Having a good review means the goals are set up correctly so that you know what your objectives are in your work.

The next great thing to getting a good review is setting up time with your manager to review your progress on your goals on a regular basis. If you’re not talking to your manager about how your performance is until you get your performance review, you have given all ability to influence your review to your manager, for better or for worse.

Managers are told to regularly review the progress to goals with their employees as well. If your manager is like most, however, it is extremely difficult to work with employees on performance plans when they are up to their rear end in alligators. Time just slides on by.

So take it upon yourself to schedule time to review your goals with your manager, preferably monthly and no less than quarterly. When review time comes and you’ve already met with your manager 4-5 times about your performance, there won’t be any surprises.

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