Work Productivity — A more rational view

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Jun 29

Yesterday, I did some pretty hard swings at the whole “always on, instant availability” culture we’ve created, symbolized by the ubiquitous Blackberry.

But in true “law of attraction,” more rational thoughts came from the Getting Things done guru himself in an interview about productivity with CIO Insight.

David Allen, creator of the Getting Things Done Methodology, offers some good perspective about technology, how it aids and hurts productivity, and gets us back to the human side of being productive.

My favorite paragraph:

It would be tough enough if you were only doing one project, but everybody has ten big projects now. You start moving on one, and suddenly the client changes its mind, you have to go back to the farm, regroup totally, and refocus your team. Technology, to a large degree, just adds to the complexity. It does not offer a solution unless you know how to thread through all those changes and stay focused on critical outcomes. There’s no technology that can facilitate that.

It is a thought-provoking article about how thinking helps productivity; one that would suit you well going into the weekend.

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