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Imagine you were given the task of writing a 120-page book on office politics that was instructional, interesting, and entertaining. I don’t know about you, but I’d fail. Office politics is a tough subject to write about because every office, set of coworkers, and corporate culture is different.

But, it’s an important subject for Cubicle Warriors to understand.

Consequently, it was with some trepidation that I ordered Timothy L. Johnson’s book GUST: The “Tale” Wind of Office Politics.

You’d see the title and either blow it off (so to speak!) as something that would make no sense because every office, team, and corporate culture is different, or, would think the book would simply have a bunch of platitudes about how to get along with a team or manage through a bad manager.

Well, I couldn’t put the book down. It was that good. So far beyond my expectations that I haven’t done this review here on the blog simply because I want to give the book its due. And I finished it over Memorial Day weekend, almost a month ago as I write this.

Of course, I got to read it again in the meantime!

Here’s the deal: Timothy puts forth a universal model for understanding how people work in an office. I could have applied this model in any of the companies that I have worked for in my career.

Wish I had — it would have saved me a bunch of “experience” lessons to boot.

In addition to a “universal model” to understand office politics, Timothy presents the information in a realistic story surrounding a project gone bad. Our heroine must help the team work through the politics of the corporation to have a successful product launch in a pressure packed situation. The fable is good story telling, crisp in presentation, and ties up all the loose ends presented during the story.

The fable is a great way to present theory in an informative, entertaining way that will help you remember the key points of information.

But, the book is not just a story. Timothy then takes the the back of the book, presents the “behind the scenes” theory surrounding the characters and their motivations. Plus, provides you with useful tools for working through your individual political challenge so that you can use the principles for managing office politics to get your stuff done.

Office politics is the 800-pound gorilla sitting in the meeting room. We all know that politics are there, we talk about it in the quiet sanctity of our cubes, but few of us have a constructive way to evaluate the situation and be able to take action in a way that will help us get things done.

GUST: The “Tale” Wind of Office Politics gives us that constructive way to evaluate what is going on with the politics that we’re having such a hard time dealing with in our everyday positions.

Rating: 5 of 5 Cubes, based upon original thinking of a tough subject presented in a manner that will help all knowledge workers.

Nice going, Timothy!


  • Scot – thanks for the thorough analysis of the book. I’m humbled by the level of thought and effort you put into the review. It’s been great getting to know you better through our blogs. Carpe Factum!

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