Where are you today?

By Scot Herrick | Business Networking

Jun 14

You are what your e-mail says you are. You Twitter with your friends after instant messaging with your co-workers. You Tube your way through MySpace after checking out the latest stuff with your other friends over in Second Life.

But, do you talk with others very much? You know, like face-to-face or on the phone?

We’ve become so fixated on the social sites of the infamous Web 2.0 that we’ve lost sight of what being social really means.

I’ll trade electrons with your electrons and then set up a WebEx and book it on Google’s calendar where you share all of your online life, one appointment at a time.

We can’t think creatively anymore without having a mind map putting structure around those random thoughts we get between messages from the ether.

If we aren’t careful, all those great tools enable the creation of objects around the very people we’re trying to communicate with just across the hall.

So get up out of your chair and go talk with those people instead of using tools that supposedly increase interactivity and instead reduce meaning. Or pick up the phone and make a call.

Where are you today? I mean physically. So we could talk. Face to face.