Vacations — Time for Renewal

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

May 16

Do you take all of your allotted vacation time?

I find it stunning that over 50% of us fail to take all of our vacation days and 30% of us say we use less than half the available vacation time.

Since I’m getting close to going on vacation starting May 26th with a full week off, I find these articles a little more interesting than other non-vacation times of the year.

According to Do Us a Favor, Take a Vacation, companies and others are offering new solutions to get us offline and into relaxed mode:

  • Hotels are offering to lock up cell phones and Blackberry’s during a guests stay.
  • Resorts are offering unplugged packages for getting away from work
  • Doctors are writing prescriptions for people to take a vacation (wow!)

It’s not my intent to extol the perils of not taking vacations. And I’m typically more than connected wherever I may go — but not connected with work, only with my fun personal stuff.

And I know that if I don’t get a good week’s time off not only not connected with work, but also in getting restoration in my life, I’ll start to have all sorts of things deteriorate that shouldn’t. So in a week and a half, I’ll be restoring myself away on vacation.

I don’t have a problem leaving the Blackberry behind.

And — check out How to Make Your Vacation Stress Free for a few good tips.