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Well, today is the day. One year ago –with no job, few dollars, but a lot of hope and hard work — the JibberJobber blog was born.

And not just the blog — but a new career management application that helps all of us Cubicle Warriors finally have a tool that enables us to manage our life relationships. A tool to help us actually manage our career.

JibberJobber has given thousands the right tool at the right time — crossing the bridge between no networking management tool to pulling in the limitations of LinkedIn to give the user — YOU — the ability to manage and work and your network.

In case you haven’t noticed from this blog — the world has changed. We’re all competing — and complimenting — with each other for jobs. We are competing for those jobs with everyone that my wife has called “Corporate Earth.” The planet.

Corporations are not going to take care of us anymore. Some argue that the corporations have become irrelevant to our personal careers — if we have a good career plan, corporations are merely gigs that we attend to enhance our career. I’m not there — but I’m watching that position because there is a lot of good evidence to support it.

Regardless, we all need a tool to help us manage the new reality: the people we know, across the globe, have the inside track as to where the next new gig might take us. JibberJobber helps manage those relationships. It’s the only tool I’ve found that does so.

Happy Birthday, JibberJobber! And a personal thanks to Jason Alba for being persistent in following what was the frustration in looking for a job and turning it into a tool all Cubicle Warriors can use.

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