Career Management Resources Page Added

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

May 10


Since I started Cube Rules, I’ve written multiple posts on a variety of subjects that should help Cubicle Warriors with their Career Management. They are spread out over the many posts that I’ve published on the site.

In order to help newcomers and regular readers of Cube Rules, I’ve consolidated the subjects and the posts on the Career Management Resources Page here on Cube Rules. You can find the pages for the blog underneath that picture of me.

I’ll add more to the resource list as we move along, but here’s what is there right now:

Cubicle Warriors — What it Takes. A series on the fundamental Cubicle Warrior Characteristics

The Interview Gauntlet. Points to consider for interviews

Leadership for Individual Contributors. Leadership in the trenches

Creativity and Innovation. Innovation and corporate culture.

Cubicle Warrior E-mail Tips. Tips on the second worst time waster out there.

Working with Management. What Cubicle Warriors need to work with the boss

More will come, of course. I hope you find these series helpful in your Career Management.


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