Employee Engagement isn’t Pointless

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

May 08

As a Cubicle Warrior, one of the most critical things to know is Corporate Speak.

What your management actually means when they talk is a great career management tool. And, since I do humor using Corporate Speak, I always appreciate someone else’s great turn of phrase when it comes to making a point about business.

I saw this from David Zinger on Employee Engagement and read the priceless reality:

don’t make your point pointless with an overabundance of PowerPoint slides as you blur into a darkened room dimly lit by glowing BlackBerry screens as participants drift off to bulging email in-boxes.


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  • Scot Herrick says:

    Thanks, David. It was really good.

    This blog is about career management for those 40-million knowledge workers out there. And, yes, there is a wee bit of humor about it as well.

    Thanks for the great writing.

  • Hi Scot:

    Great title – Cube Rules.

    I thank your for the appreciation.

    If you appreciate humour you might also like my humor site: http://zingers.blogspot.com/. Take care and carry on laughing.

    I have put your blog into my bloglines account and look forward to future reading.

    David Zinger

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