Career Management Reboot

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

May 08

Many of you know that I’m a bit of a technology junkie. Not in the sense that I love to try out hundreds of different products, but in the sense that I’m at the edge where new things that help me be productive I’ll use before most people.

So the computer concept of rebooting the machine — what I call making all the electrons stupid — is one that resonates with me. Rebooting the computer is an analogy for a lot that goes on in our life.

In your career, is it time to reboot?

We all get lost in the mundane of the daily grind. In terms of our career, we tactically do this, maneuver to do that, and incrementally work to get over there wherever that is.

But there are times when all the tactical stuff just doesn’t cut it. Instead, it is time to take a hard examination of what we are doing in our career and decide if it is the right thing to be doing in the first place.

Of, if we should reboot.

Career management is working the tactical, no doubt.

But on a regular basis, career management is also about deciding whether it is time to reboot the entire career. Whether it is time for a radical change. Whether it is time to turn everything off and just start over.

Career management is sometimes just about starting over. Is it time?