MindManager 7.0 Release Announced

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

May 02

Mindjet announced Monday that their next generation release of software will be available on May 30th.

MindManager 7 comes in several flavors depending upon your needs: MindManager Pro 7, used for higher levels of integration with Microsoft Office products and team collaboration; MindManager 7 Mac for Macintosh users; and MindManager 7 Lite, targeted at home, student, and individual users.

There are lots of new features, of course. The most intriguing to me was a complete redesign of the user interface — which was pretty good before this release. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the release WebEx call and the user interface was right at the top of the reasons to upgrade.

User Interface

Essentially, Pro 7 for Windows uses the Microsoft Office Fluent ™ user interface, affectionately known as the “ribbon” in Office circles. The new interface is a lot more intuitive. Here’s a portion of a screen shot from my current MindManager Pro 6:


See how the features are on the side of the application? Clicking on one of the tabs opens up the feature set of the tab directly to the left of the sideways tabs.

And this is the user interface on MindManager Pro 7:


See how the features are a “ribbon” across the top of the application? Much better than the sideways version from Pro 6, using the entire horizontal portion of the application.

Other feature updates:

Integration within Microsoft Applications

  • Link to topics from external applications.
  • Link to topics from external applications.

Saved Queries

  • Allows saving queries created in Power Filter/Select/Bookmark dialogs.
  • Once query criteria are saved, they can later be applied to the same map or saved with a template for use in a map that uses that template.

Saved Views

  • Saves current view (filtered topics, collapsed topics, zoom factor) and allows reusing these views later.
  • Save time looking for existing work.

Plus a bunch more that customers have requested.

For those of you who have MindManager already, this is a worthy upgrade.

For those of you who are wondering what mind mapping is all about and why you should use it, consider some of my uses from the Windows version of MindManager 6.0:

  • MindManager allows for building branches off of a specific topic. The creation of the information is free-form. Consider, for example, brainstorming, one of the most fast-paced and creative environments. MindManager allows you to record the ideas and dynamically organize them as you move through the session.
  • Or, consider the mundane meeting. MindManager allows you to record notes, action items, background, attendees, or whatever else comes up during the meeting in separate sections that you create on the fly or as part of a template. Meetings, in case you haven’t noticed, rarely go according to the organized plan — if you even have an agenda for the meeting.
  • I also use and organize tasks around my projects using MindManager. For the level of project work I do, Microsoft Project is not needed (but I own that one too, as I have spent a great part of my career in project management).
  • Building topics for a white paper. Building a business case for a product or project. Integrating your tasks from MindManager into Microsoft Outlook — all different things I have done with the software.
  • And the software exports into PDF files or to PowerPoint — great for building a presentation and then moving it directly to your presentation software.

Truly, a great productivity enhancer in my work.

I consider MindManager one of the core software products to own. It is very tough to make a release of mature software better — and simpler to use. This one does.

Notes and pricing specifics from the press release:

The English and German language (yes, I have international readership here on the blog — Scot) versions of all of the MindManager 7 applications will be available on May 30th. Pricing is as follows: MindManager Pro 7 US$349, upgrade US$119; MindManager 7 Mac US$129, upgrade US$69; MindManager Lite 7 US$99. In the month of May, anyone who purchases MindManager 6 will receive a free upgrade to MindManager 7 when it becomes available. For more detailed information about features, pricing, and more international versions, please visit www.mindjet.com/mindmanager7

In response to overwhelming demand from our customers and available for the first time is Mindjet Project Management Jet Packâ„¢ created specifically for project teams to kick start project planning and management. The pack includes a white paper and 15 related maps, an example project process with 19 additional map examples and templates, and information about our technology partners that support project management solutions. The Jet Pack, in English or German, is available now and free with the purchase of MindManager for a limited time. Please visit www.mindjet.com for more information.

Additionally, Mindjet Technology Partners will have MindManager 7 compatible solutions available for purchase on May 30. Offerings include solutions from aha!Web, BENEfit, BOSSDev, Gyronix, HBB, I and A Research, In4Tools, Mindsystems, MindBusiness, Ontaris, ProjectWizards, Realize AB and TeamDirection. Trials, demonstrations, pricing information and more partner solutions can be found at www.mindjetsolutions.com

Worth considering.