Life – Work Balance Doesn’t Matter

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Mar 30

In a special report, Forbes Magazine is taking a look at Life-Work Balance. In all of the discussions about work and life, the word “balance” consistently comes into play. But, there is no balance. There is just life. Sometimes the work that you do includes what you get paid for and sometimes the work that you don’t — like painting the house before the move in.

Right now, the work I get paid for is taking a bit of a back seat to the work I am not getting paid for — I’m writing this as the movers are loading up the truck to take my stuff to the new place that just got painted. I am totally unbalanced to the side of unpaid work.

Other times in my life, I’ve been spending more of my time on the work I get paid for. Like the time I spent 32-weeks traveling in a year for a project. Totally focused on the work I get paid for.

And balance assumes, in my book, the equal weight of two things. In reality, I have seven or eight big categories of stuff I do in my life and their focus constantly changes with my circumstances.

Life is not about balancing work — the 800-pound gorilla in the room — and everything else. Life is about the choices we make. If we have integrity with our choices, balance doesn’t matter.

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