We’re All Auditioning

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Mar 15

Tonight, I watched a little TIVO after coming home from work. One of the programs that I TIVO is The Actor’s Studio because I always find one nugget of information coming from an actor that is absolutely true — a life lesson.

Tonight, I watched the two-hour show (two hours, versus one, is an event only for special actors or directors) that featured Chris Rock. The big lesson tonight for me was his statement that outside of a few directors (e.g., Steven Spielberg or Clint Eastwood), “we’re all just auditioning.”

“We’re all just auditioning.”

I think it’s an important lesson for us, whether we’re a writer or a Cubicle Warrior or just living life. It is an extension of “what have you done for me lately?”

There is a good segment of the population that thinks that what they are doing is deserved, that they should be able live on their past accomplishments, or that what they have done raises their importance in what they are doing now.

It doesn’t.

Instead, it is important to remember that today is a new day and what we do today builds — or detracts — from what we did yesterday and the day before.

What we do, of course, is also a product of circumstance and I don’t mean to discount it. But we have control over our work today as compared to yesterday and the day before. It may take some time to build our repertoire, but we show our value today and then have to validate it all over again tomorrow.

We just need to remember the principle in order to keep us humble and on our game: “We’re all just auditioning.”