Cube Rules Philosophy

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Mar 09

Regular readers of this blog will note that I have not posted here in a week — unusual, to say the least. I even set up posts for when I was on vacation for eleven days in Costa Rica (171 pics here on Flickr) in February and checked the blogs from there for comments.

In this case, it’s that nice sinus infection I’ve had since I’ve come home from vacation, totally draining my energy. Well, a nice visit with Dr. M., some kick-ass meds, and a plan to rid myself of this once and for all (this is really a continuation of a sinus infection from January…), and I’m finally feeling good enough to move past the basics of my real job and home life to get to the passion…writing.

Two weeks ago, I wrote my last post on Pimp Your Work, and, through the magic of technology, it will be publishing the same time as this post here on Cube Rules. In it, I write about how I think that I can do good things with Pimp Your Work but want to concentrate on my personal blogs here on Cube Rules and Ten Keyboards, my blog about Technology for Writers.

On the surface, at least, it is a strange decision. Pimp Your Work is part of b5media, part of a business channel, a fast-growing blog with a circulation that far surpasses this one. It should, as it is part of a global new media network. And on top of all that, it is a great group of bloggers and a management team to match. Over the course of the last two weeks as my posts have published and being sick for a week, I’ve had some time to re-evaluate that decision. I still think it is the right decision for me.

You see, Cube Rules is really a book. Cube Rules is really a methodology about working in a corporation.

It just hasn’t been written yet.

The methodology to be a Cubicle Warrior needs to be thought through and developed. Pimp Your Work was taking time from that effort. I needed to decide if I should continue to do good things there, or shoot for the moon here. Good, it has been said, is the enemy of great.

Career Management for the Cubicle Warrior is a subject — a discipline — that is sorely missing from business literature. Everything published is about management, companies, customers, Vision, Strategy, going from good to great, or leaving corporations to strike out on our own. Not much about how to survive in a cubicle where your competition is everyone else on the planet. Yes, the planet. And that includes the 1/3 of my subscribers who do not live in the United States.

There is a great need to know how to become a Cubicle Warrior. We’ll build out the discipline together.

This is the place.