Vacations: how connected to work do you need to be?

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Feb 12

In this totally connected world, how do you handle vacations? Do you take that Crackberry with you? Do you religiously check work e-mail while away on vacation?

Do you check all this out when you are a cubicle dweller — or do you change your work habits when you become more of an executive with an office?

Does where you go need to have an Internet connection? Must you bring a laptop for work along on vacation? What criteria to you use to check out a vacation destination as it relates to work?

I’m writing this 39,000 feet in the atmosphere sitting on a plane headed for Costa Rica. There was wireless access at the Seattle and Phoenix airport, where I changed planes. I didn’t use it.

I’m told there is Internet access at the place we are staying in Costa Rica. I’m intending on using it. Not for work — but for fun, like posting to this blog.

How about you? There is no right answer; it depends upon your situation. I’m just curious: how connected do you need to be?