Do You Hate Your Job?

By Scot Herrick | Cube Rules Commentary

Feb 08

A long time ago, MSNBC ran an article called Do You Hate Your Job? It’s an interesting article in that they offered a few things to do if you, in fact, hated your job.

A quick summary of their suggestions:

  • Move to a more acceptable job within the company.
  • Suggest a better schedule to your supervisor if that is what you want.
  • Negotiate an intern if you feel overwhelmed with tasks.
  • Take a training course in an area where you feel weakest in your job skills
  • Negotiate the modifiable items of the job: discrepancies in pay or promotions, problem co-workers, job tasks.

I didn’t think these were such hot suggestions for fixing things that you hated about your job.

Have any of you successfully negotiated any of these items? Did they make you hate your job any less?

  • FlyingLeo says:

    I don't like these recommendations at all.

    i would recommend:

    Create multiple income streams and quit your day job, for good.
    Put your best skills on the table, choose the ones you are more passionate about and start picking up freelance projects involving those skills (there are a myriad of freelance sites where you can find work). If you do good work and make your clients happy, you will get a high feedback score and you can charge higher rates.

    Are you a career salesperson? You can give free seminars to marketing students at local colleges (building a portfolio for credibility), then record those seminars, turn it into a series of video classes and sell it online.

    Are you a programmer? There are plenty of full time telecommute jobs available.

    Whatever skills and experience you may have, you can always turn it into information products and retire from your god-awful cubicle prison for good.

    I have a list of recommended books and articles to read on my personal blog. I highly recommend The Four Hour work Week by Tim Ferriss and Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim. Both are very inspiring and provide great blueprints for a roadmap to freedom from the cubicle nightmare.

    I also recommend Steve Pavlina's blog, he has some great eye opener posts for the corporate slaves (the man makes $40.000/month from his blog alone, I'd listen to him)

  • Scot Herrick says:

    Yes, you can go out and create your own company. But many people don’t have the right skill set to do so, the financial wherewithal to start and the support structure to succeed. That’s why so many new business fail so early. I write for people who want or need to stay working for employers, otherwise my blog would be called Escape From Cubicle Nation (Pamela Slim’s great blog…).

    If you wanted to go out into business for yourself, these would be good tips.

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