Employee Satisfaction Surveys

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Jan 22

One of the consistent characteristics about corporations is that they will survey you to help determine how management is doing with you and attempt to determine your level of job satisfaction.

Now, I’ve seen everything in the various companies I’ve worked for in the past: low response rate, great response rate, low satisfaction ratings, high satisfaction ratings, great management, poor management, great work and poor work.

What I haven’t seen is a lot of information out on the Internet about numbers in job surveys. This, of course, is completely understandable given the nature of the confidential nature of how companies are doing with their employees. The Federal Government, however, works for us (we think) and I was able to look at an employee survey from them this past weekend.

Here is a quick breakdown of the results on employee satisfaction in the Federal Government:

The good news:

  • 90% believe their work is important
  • Almost 90% are satisfied with paid vacation and sick leave
  • 78% say they receive support to balance work and family (in fact the highest “strongly agree” response rate was for those under 30)
  • 68% are satisfied with their jobs
  • Nearly 60% are satisfied with the retirement benefits and health and life insurance

The bad news:

  • 49% are satisfied with recognition for doing a good job
  • 39% say creativity and innovation are rewarded
  • About 30% believe performance differences are recognized in a meaningful way or see steps taken to address poor performance
  • Only 22% see a link between performance and pay raises (the highest negative rating in the entire survey)

It is not my intent here to say these numbers are great or horrible. As with most, I’m sure the surveys in most employers reveal a little bit of both. But I never had a comparison with my company’s report before, so I’m going to use this one to see how my company stacks up.

Much better than taking someone’s word about how great we’re doing; this comparison allows us to check it out for ourselves. A Cubicle Hat Tip to Young Feds.

Does you work place survey you on your job satisfaction?

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