Cubicle Warrior Lesson: Management by Train Wreck

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

Jan 09

If you want to read bad going to worse, check out this great post by Common Sense PR: Management by Train Wreck – publisher fires editor by E-mail, flames him on blog. Paris Hilton comes to business!

In essence: boss fires employee by e-mail and then disses employee in a blog.

Here’s your Cubicle Warrior work tip: if you ever get into this situation, take the high road and don’t comment.

And if you’re the employee, that doesn’t mean you can’t sue for defamation of character…

  • Scot: Thanks for passing on word about that one. I’ve never visited Cube Rules before. Will do some browsing while I’m here…

  • Scot Herrick says:

    Thanks, Eric. Yes, I read about this over on your blog and was pretty amazed.

    The key thing for my readers is to try and stay above this kind of behavior. All it does is wreck your reputation. It’s said that one should only do stuff that you’d be proud to read about on the front page of a newspaper…but a blog, in a way, IS a newspaper.


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