Cubicle Warrior – Family Relationships

By Scot Herrick | Personal Finance

Jan 03

How strong is your relationship with your spouse and kids? Or other significant family relationships?

And how does this relate to being a Cubicle Warrior — a person who survives, and perhaps thrives, in a corporation?

Surprisingly, how strong your family relationships are makes a difference.

In every persons work life, there comes a bad time. Instead of thriving in corporations, we’re barely surviving. Or worse.

If you have a strong relationship with those you care about when things go badly at work, you will have a support structure at home what will actually provide support.

If you don’t have as strong a relationship with those you love at home, the weakness of the relationship will come out in times of trouble.

Think of something basic that is impacted if you were to be laid off: finances.

Finances all by themselves are tough things to talk about within the family, but if your relationship within the family is strong and you’ve worked through your financial priorities as a couple or team, working through the finances of a layoff will be something done well and will be a basis of support.

If you constantly disagree with how finances are handled now, being laid off will simply make a bad situation worse. Throw in several of these big categories and hopefully you can see how quickly things can go from bad to worse without a strong relationship at home.

If you are having issues at home, work them and build a great relationship with those you love. Not just for becoming a Cubicle Warrior.

It’s the right thing to do.

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