Interviews by your prospective team don’t cut it

By Scot Herrick | Job Search

Dec 26

Earlier, I described the interview gauntlet being thrown out there by some companies in order to get hired. One of the items in the gauntlet is that the hiring manager wanted to have the team the candidate would be managing do one of the interviews.

I was interviewed by the team I was to manage in one of my job searches. I didn’t get hired. I am pretty sure it was because the team didn’t want to have me.

That was a mistake.

Changing managers is an opportunity to change the dynamics of a team. Whatever strengths and weaknesses of a manager on the team before, the new manager hire can be one that takes the team to the next level. Or a different direction. Or execute better on tasks.

But the team interviewing the potential manager with veto power negates the opportunity for change on the team. No one will get out of their comfort zone if the current team can veto the manager selection.

That’s not to say peer interviews for the selection are not correct; they are. Peers give the hiring manager a perspective of how the candidate would fit into the team in terms of style, teamwork, and unique or diverse skills that would support the organization.

But veto power from the people the candidate will manage? Nope.

Have any of you been interviewed by the people you would end up managing? What was it like? Did you get hired?