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If you listen to pundits, there are a million different rules for the ideal resume. There are those that advocate for a one-page resume. And a max two page resume. Format the resume this way. That way. Do a functional resume. No, do a chronological resume. I've tried all of them. And as a hiring manager, I've read all of them. Honestly? Most resumes are just crap. Terrible. Picking from all these awful resumes leaves the person reviewing them frustrated because the resumes don't reflect what the person needs to say yes to asking you to interview.

That's the problem. Everyone has their favorite way to tell you how to do your resume. Very few show you how to make your resume attractive enough to get the interview.

That's all the resume does, you know. Get you the first interview. The resume does not get you a face-to-face interview. The resume doesn't get you a job offer. Nope. All the resume does is get you that first, usually phone, interview. Not a small thing, mind you. I always thought if I could get that very first interview, I could get the job. The problem is getting the first interview.

When you've read all the resumes I have and see one awful resume after another, do you know what happens when a resume comes along that speaks to the job the right way? That person reading the resume actually gets excited. You know, because this jewel of a resume suddenly shows itself after seeing all this crappy stuff. Who wouldn't get excited reading a great resume?

Seeing that really good resume is rare though. Exceedingly rare. What if that fabulous resume was yours and the person reading the resume getting all excited would now want to interview you?

From a purely competitive viewpoint in getting the job, that diamond in the rough of a resume just gave you a huge advantage over everyone else in that electronic resume pile -- you've got the best shot at getting an interview. Resume success!

Instead of dealing with all of the shotgun approaches to writing the resume, I look at your resume from the viewpoint of deciding if there is enough in the resume for me to want to interview you for a job. Not hire you for the job. But interview you. One miracle at a time, I say. Get the interview.

Getting the interview means that now all of your job interviewing skills come into play. You may not be very good at those interviewing skills and you may not get the job. But if you don't even get the opportunity to interview, none of that matters. Resumes are about getting interviews so that you have a chance to get the job.

Here's what I've seen when I've reviewed resumes

With all of the resumes I've read and for the ones that I've reviewed for this service, it's clear there are three big problems with the written resumes:

The resume formats don't address what hiring people want to see. It's obvious the resume is just all over the place in terms of what is written and presented for the job. Without the right focus for the resume, the probability of an interview just drops.

Most people don't know what really works to get the interview. Not getting the job. Just the interview. Not only does this come from some types of resume formats, but people don't really know what to put in the resume to make it the jewel the decision-maker wants to read.

With no feedback from job applications, people are frustrated because they have no clue what is causing them not to get the interview. Frustrating, frustrating and more frustrating. Even if a person thinks it is their resume causing the problem, they don't know what to change to make it more attractive to get the interview.

The kicker? People know they can do the job in the job description. They just don't know how to show they can do the job in the resume.

That's where I can help you.

Here's what I've got for you

For your resume review, here is what you get:

  • A specific written review of your entire resume. For the ones I've done, it's usually around ten pages of text like this. It takes a lot of time to really do a good review and I take the time. I don't write your resume for you -- many hundreds, if not thousands of dollars get charged for that -- but critique each section of your resume. Your contact information. Your objective statement. Your job skills. Your business results. What is written for each position. Your education and certifications, if you have them. Most people can write the resume; it's a question of what to include in the writing that is the key to getting the interview. You now have an outsider's view of your resume as it relates to the person reading the resume. You won't get that from a job submission. Only from someone reviewing your resume with your need to get the interview in mind.
  • A point of view. What is it? I review your resume like a hiring manager would because I've done that role. That means I'm looking for specific things in the resume -- job skills and business results -- done in a way that makes them easy to find. Easy for those "resume reading machines" to find as well. If you can't get past the resume reading machines, you'll never make it to a human reading your resume much less have a shot at getting an interview. Machines don't book interview appointments. People do.
  • A great first page of the resume. I happen to think your resume can be as long as you need it to be, whether that is two pages or five. But I do believe the first page needs to be a killer. If you don't get the resume reading machines and people to love your first page, your chance of getting the interview goes down. Way down. I have a good view as to what is needed on the first page. The format should be easy to match up to the job description. Your best work should be shown up front. Your job skills should be easily found. Yeah, all on the first page above and beyond your contact information and objective. I'll show you how.
  • After you've rewritten your resume, send it to me again and I'll do a quick review. It won't be a full-blown review again because you'll already have written most of what you need to write. But it's good to do the first pass and then have it looked at again to make sure you're on the right track. It gives you confidence you're doing the right stuff.
"The new resume generated a tremendous number of phone calls and emails, several phone interviews, and four onsite interviews. The last onsite interview landed a four month consulting contract, which has the possibility of extension after the initial period.  KJ"

Get an impartial view of your resume from someone with YOUR interests in mind

It's hard to get feedback on your resume. You don't get any from any of those faceless machines and/or people reading your resume for your job submission. There's a lot of evidence that most of the people reading resumes take less than ten seconds to take your resume and accept it or throw it into the electronic trash can. Mostly the trash can. And the resume reading machines? Yeah, milliseconds.

Feedback from others? All with the same 5,000 ways to format a resume in their heads and not focused much on what it takes to get the interview. It's not the same.

My resume review looks at each section of the resume and each position you have on it. I give you specific feedback that allows you to modify your resume to make it attractive to interview you. And while I provide specific, actionable feedback, I also try and present it in a way that helps you. After all, this is your work we're talking about here. Your livelihood. But frank, honest feedback is exactly what is needed to make the resume that diamond in the rough.

"Scot brings expertise on how software and people examine resumes.  His approach brings key accomplishments and skills to the first page -- invaluable when reviews are cursory and quick.  Thank you for the excellent review. Your suggestions are great, capturing corrections from the big concepts to the small, but important, errors. RG"

Get the resume review

The resume's only function is to get you the interview. That person (or machine) on the other end of your job submission is looking for specific items. Plus, that person on the other end really wants to interview people so a position needed in the business can get filled.

When I review your resume, you get a great first page of your resume that highlights your job skills and business results, a specific review of each section of your resume that gives you actionable items to improve your resume, and, after you've taken that first pass at improving your resume, you can send it to me again to take a look to see how you are doing. All with the viewpoint of someone who wants you to get the interview.

  • You get specific feedback on your resume. Feedback is hard to come by for resumes. This is specific and not just general advice for you to follow.
  • You'll know how to present your job skills and business results to make them easy to find. You don't want your stuff all over the map. You want that person reading your resume to immediately see how you could fit into the role provided in the job description.
  • Updating your resume can give you a competitive advantage in getting the interview. Most resumes just don't cut it. Having yours stand out among the hundreds of submissions is just killer.

The resume review is $279. It's not the multiple hundreds or even thousands of dollars to write your resume. You already know what business results you've done and job skills you have. What you need is someone to ensure all that is easy to find and specific in every section of your resume.

"I have to tell you how much I LOVED your critique of my resume.  You confirmed many things that I have thought about.  You provide concrete advice in a way that is thoughtfully presented.  I have to tell you I am a very lucky person to have you do this for me!!!  Your writing style is very personal and your critiques do not “hurt” and you know what I mean. JP"

Here's what you do. Click the Buy Now button. After entering your PayPal or credit card information, you'll get a confirmation email with instructions to email me your current resume so I can review it. I can take the resume in most formats; no problem. I'll let you know when I think the review can be completed and get right to work.

Go ahead and click the button now.

30-day money back guarantee

Your resume is your work. It's important. I understand that and that's why my viewpoint is always about helping you get the interview. If you feel after the review is completed that it doesn't measure up, I have a 30-day money back guarantee. I think you'll be happy with the results, but want to give you every piece of mind.

Let me get to work.


P.S. Resumes are tough -- especially since we only use them to help us find new jobs. That means writing resumes are not usually our best job skill. With the resume review, I give you honest feedback on your resume, a format that helps get you interviews, and ensures that your best work is right up front in your resume. After you write your resume using the review, you'll have confidence that when you submit your resume, you're giving yourself the best shot at an interview.

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