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Cube Rules Comment Policy

While I own the site and will delete comments for my own reasons, I love comments. I learn a lot from comments and so do my readers.

My policy is to moderate all comments. I do so in a timely manner and as long as I can see you are a human being and are making a comment relevant to the article, your comment will go through whether you agree with my stance or not. That’s what conversations and discussions are all about — making something better.

I also moderate comments that contain Internet links in the body of the comment; at that point I moderate the comment just to ensure the link is something legitimate for the conversation and not some sneaky way to put a porn site as one of the links on my site. You’d be surprised at some of the crap that tries to get pulled.

If you read many comments on news, entertainment, or political sites, you’ll quickly see entire threads get pulled down to the lowest level of discourse. One learns nothing from the comments except that there are a tremendous number of idiots out there with nothing better to do than make stupid comments about anything written.

I’d like to have this site be informative and useful for people working in cubicles. Let’s help everyone do that.

The policy is like…the Golden Rule. Go figure.

This is a site about career management for knowledge workers. Extend the conversation through your comments.