Stack ranking, reviews, and Cubicle Warriors

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“Stack Ranking” is back in the news because Microsoft stopped doing it — and Yahoo! started it. To get us all on the same page, stack ranking means that if a manager has 14 employees, those employees are ranked from one to fourteen in order. Not just having the “exceeds expectations” or “satisfactory” ratings, but […]

Goodbye, Mom

Virginia Herrick

You probably didn’t notice, but things have been pretty quiet on Cube Rules this year. It’s because my Mom died. She visited Kate and I in December of 2012 — a tough visit — and then quickly deteriorated from then until April 14th, when she passed away peacefully in her sleep from heart failure the same […]

Employment Security Trumps Job Security

Employment Security trumps job security. This video shows why job security is fools gold and introduces the employment security hierarchy. Future videos will break down each of the employment security platforms. Check these: How the Employment Security Hierarchy helps protect your income Your job skills and talent are not enough for employment security – To Contract or Not to Contract

My latest at blogger’s network: To Contract or Not to Contract. “Contract positions can be appealing due to increased flexibility, higher pay (at times) and as a foot in the door at a company, among other reasons. Before making the jump to contract, there are significant differences you should be aware of between being a […]