Cube Rules Links – February 7, 2014

Cube Rules Links

Here is what I have saved for you from the Internet: The 40-year slump. It’s a long read — but well worth it for understanding how income inequality started…back in 1974. “The steady stream of Watergate revelations, President Richard Nixon’s twists and turns to fend off disclosures, the impeachment hearings, and finally an unprecedented resignation—all […]

Cube Rules Links — January 31, 2014

Cube Rules Links

Here’s what I’ve been saving for you from the Internet: Job Search Depression, Job Search and Your Marriage, Job Search and Religion… And Simple Discouragement in a Long-Term Job Search. Jason Alba answers a question in a comment on one of his favorite (and relevant) blog posts: I Smell Blood. Typical Boomer Retirement Modest Compared […]

14 Career Tasks for 2014

14 career tasks for 2014

Time to close up 2013 and start looking at 2014. When I think about 2014, I want to come up with actionable, doable tasks that will help your career and job performance. Blue sky stuff doesn’t cut it; only things that lead you to employment security do. Let’s take a look at the list: 1. […]

Cube Rules Links – November 29, 2013

Cube Rules

Here’s what I saved for you this week of Thanksgiving here in the United States: The secret to stress free work It’s not what you think… 3 steps to get out there despite hating your job Of course, you can only hate your job for so long before, you know, you should go get a different […]

Stack ranking, reviews, and Cubicle Warriors

the board room

  “Stack Ranking” is back in the news because Microsoft stopped doing it — and Yahoo! started it. To get us all on the same page, stack ranking means that if a manager has 14 employees, those employees are ranked from one to fourteen in order. Not just having the “exceeds expectations” or “satisfactory” ratings, […]

Goodbye, Mom

Virginia Herrick

You probably didn’t notice, but things have been pretty quiet on Cube Rules this year. It’s because my Mom died. She visited Kate and I in December of 2012 — a tough visit — and then quickly deteriorated from then until April 14th, when she passed away peacefully in her sleep from heart failure the same […]