7 steps to finding a DBA position using LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social network used by professionals to network, hold meaningful industry related discussions and find jobs. Data base administrators have a lot of demand as they can work in a wide array of places such as IT and software firms, service industry, government offices and NGOs, among other places. If you have been […]

3 Reasons you should consider a Career in Consulting


The sad reality is that most people are unhappy with their jobs. The top reason most are unhappy is they find it unfulfilling. Everyday they go to the same place, work on the same activities, with the same people. What can start as excitement can quickly fade into monotony. For those that are looking for […]

For job interviews, mind your karma


There is a quiet undercurrent in all of the job interview advice out there: become so well practiced, so well polished, and so well prepared for the interview that we almost lose who we are. We’re an interview actor, reading our well-rehearsed answers and moving from one interview act to the next with ease. Then, […]

Endurance, not passion, drives strong careers


It’s almost a foregone conclusion that you should “follow your passion” in your work life. You’ll find yourself much more engaged in your work, people say, you’ll enjoy your work more, and be all-around more happy about your work situation. All that makes sense, of course. While passion is great, I’d disagree that it is […]

Cube Rules Links, Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cube Rules Links

Grab some coffee and take a look at what I’ve been saving up for you this week: Declaring Evernote bankruptcy You know how you get overwhelmed by a thousand emails in your email box? Then you simply decide to delete all of them, read or not, to get back to zero? That’s email bankruptcy. But […]

2 monumental reasons for soft skills on your resume


When we think of job skills on our resumes, we usually think of direct job skills — our education, certifications, programming languages, etc. Then we ignore our skills relating to teamwork or emotional maturity because, well, they are hard to quantify. And besides, who wants to talk about how great they are at working with […]

Cube Rules Links February 21, 2015

Cube Rules Links

Here’s what I’ve been saving up for you for the weekend. Go get a cup of coffee and check them out: Road warriors all have their favorite travel apps Christine Kane takes a look at her five favorite travel apps that you’ll actually use. How to show employees love Last weekend was Valentine’s Day and […]