Crosshairs - success

After Kate and I visited Puerto Rico at the beginning of April, it was clear knowing a second language (in this case, Spanish for us and English for Puerto Ricans) was a huge advantage to our enjoyment of our vacation. And it’s not such a bad idea for work either. Shane, from ULearn, sent me […]


Do you seem to have a perpetual cold? Do you avoid thinking about where you’ll be in five years – because you know it will be at the same desk? Do you avoid parties because of the dreaded “so… what do you do?” question? If so, it’s time to take a look at your career […]

Crosshairs - success

This infographic is from David Keane at Davitt Corporate Partners. American readers will need to do a little translation of Celsius into Fahrenheit (a good exercise to do…).  


I’m starting a new occasional series where I ask five questions of other work/job/employment writers I respect out there on the web. I’m very happy to present this first interview with Sarah Landrum of Punched Clocks, a new site that has some great advice for work. Here are the questions: In your original About page, […]

How to prepare for your first engineering job interview

The Interview

With job profiles becoming more and more challenging by the day and with competition intensifying among candidates, getting a call for an interview by a reputed organization can be really tough. Since the competition is likely to be really strong it is extremely important for you to be well prepared to face the interview and […]

How to read a job offer


Graduating from college calls for a big celebration, but there’s not much time to let loose before having to officially start the job hunt. It’s a frightening crossroads that is inevitable for most. There will be long nights of filling out applications, followed by grueling follow up emails, phone calls and, if you’re lucky, interviews. […]

7 steps to finding a DBA position using LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social network used by professionals to network, hold meaningful industry related discussions and find jobs. Data base administrators have a lot of demand as they can work in a wide array of places such as IT and software firms, service industry, government offices and NGOs, among other places. If you have been […]