Serendipity Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kate and I are adopting a racing Greyhound dog. Her name is Flying Fastener — and she is very fast. That’s not why we are adopting her, though. She’s lovable, goofy and we can’t wait to have her here. Right now she is in a foster home learning how retirement as a pet works versus how racing works. Think about it — greyhounds have never seen a window in a house (much less a house!) before. Foster homes teach these racers that windows are solid, stairs need to be climbed and descended, and houses are just bigger crates. It’s noble work and we can’t be more happy with the foster parents we have for Fast.

Yes, you can expect pictures of the pooch for quite a while to come! Fastener is on the leash with Kate. The goofy guy with the weird cow hat is holding Windy, who just moved in from Florida that very day and was pretty out of it. Windy might make it here too. You never know.


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