When will the economy get better?

When you are back at work on a Monday and the stock market is partying like it is 1997 again (along with your IRA or 401(k)…), you have to wonder when the economy will get better.

For me, it is easier to understand how the economy is doing by looking at charts. And one of the best places to take a look at charts is the excellent work over at Calculated Risk.

The economy isn’t going to get better until housing, spending, and manufacturing get better. As you can see from the February Economic Summary in Graphs, that won’t happen any time soon. The graphs, which I had seen individually over the month, really hit home for me that business is hurting and so are consumers. It is not that I am trying to depress my readers, but we need realism on our situation and not rhetoric. The graphs help show the realism.

Despite the bad news, keep your head up, deliver results in your job and build and maintain your personal network.

UPDATE: I now have a longer post on which graphs I use and why I use these graphs. My viewpoint is from when employment will get better and When will the economy get better — part II explains what will affect employment.

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