Online or not, business principles are the same

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

May 03

I’m in Chicago as I write this attending SOBCon08 — the Biz School for Bloggers. The fascinating finding here for Cubicle Warriors is that the principles for business, whether physical at work or online, are very similar.

There are customers. There is the purpose of your work for your customers. There is efficiency for the work being done to make ourselves better. And there is personal development to make ourselves (and our careers) better.

There is an international group of speakers providing great input to what we do.

A great way to spend the weekend.


About the Author

Scot Herrick is the author of “I’ve Landed My Dream Job–Now What???” and owner of Cube Rules, LLC. Scot has a long history of management and individual contribution in multiple Fortune 100 corporations.