Dealing with Ambiguity

By Scot Herrick | Job Performance

May 23

As a publisher on the web — a blogger — one of the things that I really wanted to do was go to Chicago to attend SOBCon07 (the shortcut to Successful and Outstanding Bloggers Convention 2007!). For a variety of reasons, all associated with amount of vacation left and time, I wasn’t able to go. But, I did read all the articles about it on the web that I could.

One of them applies specifically to the readers of Cube Rules — dealing with ambiguity.

Over at eMoms at Home (and how many of my readers would have ever thought that I subscribe to a site with that title?), Wendy follows up her convention experience with an insightful look at the impact the conference had on her.

As often happens to all of us, something changed in her life — in this case for the better, but bad things can happen as well. And because of this change, Wendy is no longer feeling comfortable. In fact, she’s a bit scared. And being pulled in many different directions.

And that’s OK.

Wendy’s message to Cubicle Warriors is that it’s OK to have uncertainty in your life. It’s OK to be scared of the Next Big Thing in our careers. It’s OK to feel pulled in one hundred directions over something that is new.

Sometimes, we’re just not willing to admit it. Wendy did. Hat’s off to her for publishing it and helping others realize that ambiguity is a fact of life — and a good thing.

Check the article at Fame, Being Uncomfortable, Friendship and THE Lorelle.


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Scot Herrick is the author of “I’ve Landed My Dream Job–Now What???” and owner of Cube Rules, LLC. Scot has a long history of management and individual contribution in multiple Fortune 100 corporations.